Some of you might think I’m a bit looney for having a page on my website that makes people laugh or at least smile, but I do believe with all that is attacking us on a mental, physical and spiritual level, we do need a bit of a break. The constant negativity is making many folks miserable.  So, here is one page you will find on my site to help you at least have a few minutes to smile before having to go back into the doldrums, life’s reality, AND hopefully trust in the Father's provision each day even stronger.  

Jeanne & Left Brain Go White Water Rafting - Unedited

This lady truly keeps me laughing. I believe this is one of her best. I know you will laugh, even if you don't want to. BTW, she calls her hubby Left Brain because she thinks he only uses the left side of his brain.


I could watch this a thousand times and it would not get old, but amaze me as to how he trained that dog. Wow!


Funniest version of Star Wars! This short video really gets the point across. If you have not seen this before, you are in for a real treat. Shop organic! Be a part of the ORGANIC REBELLION!