I agree with this video 100%. I stopped coloring my hair years ago, plenty of years ago, when I discovered that the manufacturers were altering the chemical composition of their products in order not to lose their patents. This information was in a Consumer Report Magazine, front cover. I actually made a vow to Yah NOT to color my hair again because I didn't want to be "deceived" into that trap.


This video is a basic table manners tutorial that can easily be helpful for adults and children. Whether you are dining with your family, friends, business associate or at a restaurant, these tried-and-true manners will help you look refined and elegant. This video is from a series created for folks attempting to acquire a job. Many times, the boss invites the new recruit to dinner for "small talk" and to observe his/her manners or etiquette.

Setting a pretty table makes a meal really more enjoyable. It doesn't have to be a special occasion. Periodically plan a special lunch or dinner, hey, even breakfast, and add some personal flair. You can make the simplest dish turn into a feast fit for royalty. Remember to click on the photos on this site to get a larger image, as with the 3 photos below.

  • Special Occasion Mikasa Dinnerware

    This style of dinnerware is basically for special occasions. Anyone who knows Mikasa will understand that it is expensive, has to be handwashed (gold or silver will tarnish or disappear with dishwasher cleaning) and can be easily chipped or broken with daily use. I found this pattern, place settings for 12 at an estate sale and was able to purchase it for far below the asking price. I know Yah was behind this one.

  • Simple & Pretty Everyday Corel Dinnerware

    I found this set at a local thrift shop and truly enjoy the fact that it is lightweight, it's difficult to break and I can put it into the dishwasher. It has served me well. Basically, it's my everyday go to dinnerware.

  • Corel All-Occasion Dinnerware

    White is so versatile that it can be dressed up or dressed down. I use this set for gatherings and daily use. Just add a tablecloth, nice silverware, glasses of your choice and pretty napkins and you have a new look each time it's used. This was also purchased at a thrift store.