DIY Seed Tape For Perfectly Sowing Tiny Seeds (

This is a super idea for seeds that are difficult to work with, tiny little things.  Her idea of using toilet paper is good, but you might also consider $1.25 STORE paper towels.  They come apart easily and are very thin.  

You can make your tapes as long or wide as you like.  Spacing of seeds is usually marked on the package, but many times, as in container gardens, it depends on the amount of space available.

This article is easy to follow.  I hope it gives you some ideas on how to save time and frustration planting itty, bitty seeds. Oh, and just an additional idea, consider using tweezers to gently pick up the seeds.  


Here is a super easy way to make a soil sifter or sieve to remove sticks, leaves, pieces of mulch, stones and hard clumps of dirt from your soil to be used as seedling soil or seed starter.  

One of these sifters, shown in the picture, can be made with a wooden frame, old dresser draw or like mine with a plastic basket with large holes.  

The object is to place your lumpy-bumpy soil in the sifter and shake it over a wheel barrow, piece of cardboard or other item to catch the new soil.  What is left behind can be used for composting or added to other mulch.

You will need enough 1/4 inch hardware cloth to cover and possibly go up the sides of your project and a way to attach it.  Mine uses small zip ties.  I placed the hardware cloth form fitted to the inside of the basket, then zip tied it down.  If using a wooden frame, you can use staples with a staple gun.  You could even use pieces of thin wood to screw on top of the staples to hold them more secure.