Try growing these 38 edible flowers!  Not only will you help provide nectar for friendly pollinators in your garden, but you'll have fragrant, and delicious blooms that you can enjoy adding to your favorite culinary dishes. They look great, and taste great, too!

IMPORTANT: The seeds can be extremely potent and SeedsNow does not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of such seeds and/or plants. Always seek advice from a professional before growing and/or consuming seeds and/or plants for medicinal purposes. 
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1.   Angelica

2.   Anise

3.   Arugula

4.   Bachelor's Button (COMING SOON)

5.   Basil

6.   Bee Balm (aka Lemon Balm)

7.   Borage

8.   Carnations (COMING SOON)

9.   Chamomile

10. Chervil

11. Chicory

12. Chrysamthemum

13. Cilantro

14. Clover

15. Dandelion

16. Daisy

17. Dill

18. Fennel

19. Garlic Chives

20.  Hollyhock (COMING SOON)

21.  Jump-ups (COMING SOON)

22.  Lavender

23.  Leek

24.  Lovage

25.  Marigold

26.  Mint

27.  Nasturtium

28.  Oregano

29.  Pumpkin

30.  Radish

31. Rosemary

32. Sage

33. Summer Savory

34. Snapdragon

35. Squash

36. Sunflower

37. Sweet Woodruff (COMING SOON)

38. Violets (COMING SOON)


STOP! Don't pull that WEED! It's edible. No joke. Many people are throwing away the most nutritious produce that their garden produces. Check this out.