This is very important to know. A few years ago, I met a fellow in a department store who had just come out of the hospital. He mentioned his serious illness was due to drinking too much water. He almost died. Take this seriously... Obviously if you are working in the heat or exercising, you will and should be drinking more water. Please do your own research regarding this and ask the Father in Heaven to direct you.


Berkey is by far the best way to get super clean water without replumbing your home/business and going into debt to purchase other systems.  I have used a Berkey water system for years.  There are several sizes to choose from.  The main black filters can be two or four, depending on your needs.  They also have the white fluoride filters.  You can purchase a stand and stainless steel spout.  These are extras.  The system does come with a plastic spout.  They are easy to clean and there are videos for "how-to." If you decide to purchase one, watch for sales.  Also, their site has many demo videos.  They are worth the few minutes watch time. www.berkeyfilters.com 

Please note: I do not sell the Berkey nor do they sponsor this site.