To start my morning, I generally don't have anything except lemon water until sometime between 10 to 12 noon.  I have found that intermittent fasting works really well for me.  At this time, I drink my shake, have a simple breakfast and eat nothing more until between 4:30 and 7 p.m.  After that...no more food!

My super healthy fruit shake is my "happy meal" of the day.  I love fruit and the creaminess of this shake.  Here is what I use.  The items in bold are a must.  Other items are an option as needed.  I use all of these items.

1 cup (8 oz) extra clean water (that means city water is not what you should use.) 
Often I add a few ounces of organic kefir, Wallaby 3.5% organic Kefir, to my shake. This helps to feed the healthy bacteria.
2 or 3 types of fresh or frozen fruit, your choice ( I like kiwi, mango, strawberries (organic), 1/2 banana (organic) or one small lady finger banana, pineapple, cherries, blueberries, pomegranates, grapes, watermelon...)
1 rounded (or heaping) Tbls Irish Moss gel (see how-to instructions under GPRHealth for Irish Moss [IM])
1 dose Liquid Vitamin D-3 (Don't forget to add K2 to this.)
1 tsp Vitamin C powder or other type Vitamin C like liposomal

I blend this in my little mini-blender until all is mixed well and the fruit with seeds are broken down.  With this shake I take:
HeathMasters.com (Dr. Ted Broer) B Complex capsules
Selenium capsule
Unique E capsule
Horsetail or Bamboo (great silica for hair and nails)
Vitamin K2 (a must if taking D3)

I cannot begin to tell you how this energizes me.  This shake and a healthy, nourishing breakfast are incredible and have made a huge difference as to how I face life for the day. 


We can't always get the vitamins and minerals we need from fruits and vegetables alone.  Many times it is because the soil is no longer fertile, seeds are contaminated or modified, fertilizers and chemical pesticides have been used to the extreme and the produce is no longer healthy and so on.  Therefore, I have made it my business to search out the best supplements that work for me.  Here is a list of the ones I use that are tried and true.  You will have to decide what your body needs.  I happen to do much of my research through mercola.com, naturalnews.com, healthmasters.com and many other sites.  When I say I do a lot of research, I mean just that.  I am my own guinea pig.  I don't depend totally on other people's opinions, so I discover what works and go from there.

Healthmasters.com B COMPLEX
A.C. Grace.com UNIQUE E capsules (acgrace.com, vitacost, swansonsvitamins)
Vitamin D-3 (vitacost.com, swansonsvitamins.com, etc)
NOW Selenium 200 mcg
Nature's Plus Vitamin K2, whole food
Swansonsvitamins.com Magnesium Oil (64 oz. bottle is most economical way to purchase-put on bottoms of feet at night)
Swansonsvitamins.com Horsetail and Bamboo capsules (alternating them each week)
NOW Boron (removes radiation)
Doctor's Best Benfotiamine 300 (B1)
Zinc Lozenges (sugar free)

From Markusproducts.com I use the following:
Irish Moss Seaweed (I make this into IM Gel)

Some of you might look at all these items and say, "Whew! That's a lot of $$ for all that stuff!"  Yes, it might be--as an initial layout of cash.  However, when you consider the alternatives:  doctors' bills, hospital bills and pharmaceutical drug prescriptions, which do you think costs the most and which makes more sense?  Common sense.  Hey, besides...I'M WORTH IT!!! 


Under GPRHealth, you will see a section titled WHAT TO EAT???  This will give you a good look at my diet.  I try to eat at least 50% or more fresh produce daily.  Our bodies cannot live on nutritionless stuff that most people call food.  Therefore, if you want to be healthy, start by eating REAL FOOD, not FAKE FOOD!  Then add supplements and some form of exercise, at least everything three days or so. 

But, the greatest need of your body, the Temple of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), is SPIRITUAL FOOD, a daily intake of the Scriptures, all of them.  With out this, we might have the best super body in the world, but our spiritual lives can be malnourished.  Make this your first priority.  And don't forget to ask for wisdom.  (James 1)